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Offers for Tantra Massage


Hello, I am Oxana, My nature is passion and sensuality. I connect the bridge between honesty and positive energy with the touch of your body. With me you can let go and immerse yourself in the world of erotic tantric massage. My hands and my body will lovingly bring you to a ...

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Let me kidnap you ... from me - Mayana - an attractive erotic, experienced tantra masseuse ... on an island of sensuality, eroticism and fantasy ... and when the covers fall then you feel it very intensively ... tingling on your skin ... through my tender or even ...... hands ... that touch you gently and ...

Body to Body Massage, Erotic massage, Foot erotic, Full Body Massage, Lingam Massage, Prostate Massage, Sensual massage, Tantra Massage.


Massage to ecstasy ** make an appointment at least 1 hour before ** Let Joana into a world full of sensual, tease sparkling eroticism and share many loving, feel tender moments. I also put a lot of passion into your massage. Guaranteed, to ecstasy! And if you still do not feel like it, then you are probably gay, ...

Body to Body Massage, Duo-Massagen, Erotic massage, Full Body Massage, Lingam Massage, Tantra Massage.


Hello Gentleman, My name is Celine, and I am a young, beautiful therapist from the Baltic States. I have developed a new inspirational massage concept based on tantric principles, beauty and sensuality. I am kidnapping you in an unforgettable light and beauty session in which you can strengthen your self-confidence, your self-love ...

Body to Body Massage, Erotic massage, Erotik Massage, Full Body Massage, Lingam Massage, Sensual massage, Tantra Massage, Tantric massage, Wellness-Massage.

Deva Bhusha

Tantric Massage, Bondage Massage, Root Massage, SMantramassage, Tai Yoga Tantra Massage, Sexual Companion, Sexual Coaching or Touch Coaching Tantra, SMantra, Shibari, Sexual Accompaniment & Co Heart-loving, dedicated, mindful, powerful and playful tantric erotic massages and bizarre massages with a high percentage of professional bondage-shibari, sexual accompaniment for people with all kinds of ...

Erotik Massage, Lingam Massage, Sensual massage, Tantra Massage, Yoni Massage.


Hello i am Natalie ! I am a young student from Slovakia. I do erotic and tantric massage. My massage is very sensual, because giving a massage is not only a way to make money, but for me also pleasure and fun. I like strong massages as well as gentle touches ...

Body to Body Massage, Erotik Massage, Sensual massage, Tantra Massage.


Hi, I'm Karla, 35 years old, speak some german and good english. I would be glad to spoil you in a sophisticated way. I love to massage you briefly at first, which turns into an erotic, intense body-to-body massage. At the same time, I begin to sneak up on your sensitive spots ...

Body to Body Massage, Duo-Massagen, Erotic massage, Erotik Massage, Prostate Massage, Tantra Massage, Wellness-Massage.

The Tantra Massage

The slightly different kind of massage is probably the tantra massage. This is not primarily about classic massage techniques or medical massage. It is mainly about sensual and esoteric elements. A tantric massage should always be done by a professional.

Many immediately think of a Lingam or Yoni massage but this is not just the Tantra massage. First and foremost, it is about feeling your own body and learning from it. Therefore, the Tantra massage is not just an erotic massage.

The story behind the Tantric massagen

Tantra comes from India and comes from the 2nd century. The origins are due to Hinduism and Buddhism. Tantra is sometimes called Tantrism and means “all-embracing knowledge” or “expanding knowledge”. Tantra is a spiritual movement in which “energy” is considered one of the foundations. Tantrism is mainly about spirituality and sexuality.

What exactly is a Tantra massage about?

In most classic massages, it’s usually about releasing tension and relaxing your body. Tantric massage is also about releasing tension but it’s about much more. This massage is about bringing sensory perceptions into line with the mind. Sometimes it’s about getting into ecstasy and orgasms. The body receives a lot of attention here.

“Simply inspiring. I have never had such a deep orgasm “
Harald M.

Important: In the Temple of Touch, we offer neither sex nor oral sex.

Tantra Massage for Munich, Temple of Touch and more places with sophisticated, sensual massages – the sophisticated Address for erotische Massagen, Sensual massages, Tantric massages, Erotic massages and much more… e

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Massage in Cities

Erotic massage a nice experience

Enjoying a great erotic massage is something very nice for many of us. It gives us the opportunity to experience something, because it often only works that way. Now not only in Munich, but also in Rosenheim.

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