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Erotic massage for Munich

Erotic Massage MunichThe erotic massage (English erotic massage) are massages where the emphasis is placed on erotic aspects such as atmosphere and actions. There is nothing more sensual and beautiful to approach someone as intensively as in the form of a massage. From when a massage is considered erotic is fundamentally difficult to define. In any case, it should have stimulating and intense effects and less health. However, these criteria are not mutually exclusive during a massage.

The different erotic massage techniques can make us well aware that you can never look at body, psyche and sexuality in isolation. They flow into each other and complement each other wonderfully. Our body is a temple that allows us spiritual and sexual experiences. Even though there are many erogenous zones, this does not mean that every human being finds the stimulation of one or the other erogenous zone particularly appealing.

Which erotic massage is available in Munich?

Here I present a few erotic massages, which can also be found in Munich. However, some forms of massage are consistently referred to as erotic massage.


This is a massage technique from Asia, where the masseur and the treated are unclothed. The Nuru massage is based on a full-body massage technique. Here as intensive contact between the two persons is made, usually in which the masseuse puts on the body of the other. Touch emotions are intended to spread calmness and stimulation alike.

The Nuru Massage is named after the Nuru gel, a special massage oil extracted from leaves of seagrass. To avoid chilling the person, massage room and massage oil are often preheated or warmed in the hands of the masseuse.

Sexual acts between the participants are not an integral part of the massage, but often associated with it.


The Tantra massage does not come from the traditional Tantra, but from the neo-tantric movement of modern times. This massage becomes erotic, among other things, through the special massage of the sexual organs. How and with what intensity this happens is not prescribed.


From the Taoist philosophy comes the Tao Massage. With her, the medical component is slightly larger. It serves to release healthy, sexual energies that are supposed to help against problems in the sexual life. Nevertheless, she should also reduce stress irrespective of the sexual component and have a liberating effect.

This massage is also performed naked. It is essentially based on the doctrine of the energy points of the human body from the Taoist doctrine and specifically aims at the stimulation of these points.

Subareas of massage

The Prostatamassage

The prostate massage belongs to a special form of erotic massage in men. The prostate or prostate gland is the sex gland of the male, resembles something of a chestnut, and produces a part of the sperm. Many people barely know nothing about this important gland, let alone how to massage them. The prostate can be massaged rectally with a finger.

About 3-5 cm after the anus entrance you can feel the prostate. At first it is unusual for many men or couples to “penetrate” into this otherwise taboo area, but with much patience and trust open up here unimagined feelings. The “G point” of the man is massaged with light pressure in circular motions. Many experience in this erotic massage an orgasm that is absolutely different from a normal orgasm. As intense, hotter and explosive describe it the so massaged men. Apart from the sexual stimulant, a regular Prostate massage also helps to maintain the health of this gland.

The Lingammassage

Also the Lingammassage a man will not find in a standard massage studio. The purpose of this erotic massage, however, is not to help a man to orgasm, but to promote a sensitization of the penis.

The Lingam Massage massages both the penis and the testicles with gentle pressure and movements. Just before ejaculation, the masseuse stops, waits, and starts massage again. The man should concentrate on this erotic massage to feel the moment of orgasm and to suppress it.

What awaits me?

The Erotic massage in Munich generally moves in the so-called “feel-good area”. To relax with pleasure, without having sex, that offers the Erotic massage. Sex takes place in the mind throughout the body, but without it really comes to a sexual intercourse. It requires a lot of empathy, understanding and knowledge about the processes in the human body.
The masseuse is even naked or sparsely clothed, as they often massage with their own body certain places with. Caressing, pushing and kneading you will be pampered from head to toe. In an erotic massage in Munich (Erotic massage in Munich) in the studio are no possible complaints in the foreground, but the longing for closeness and touch. If the nipples, the penis, the vagina and the butt are ignored in the conventional massage, it is precisely these zones, which receive more attention in an erotic massage. An orgasm is not the goal, but it is not excluded.

Erotic massage in Munich and Tantra – is that possible?

The line between an erotic massage and a tantric massage is flowing. Eroticism is also an important part of tantric massages.

Here lies the difference in the inner intention and not in the moral, since both have an equivalent justification. The special feature of tantra is that the sexuality of the human being in its entirety is included again.

This means on the one hand that the erotic is a natural part of the human being and tantra stands for the fact that this again gets a place in our togetherness.

On the other hand, that also means that it is only a part of the whole being of a human being. He is immersed in many other sensations, feelings and also a way to open spirituality.

The erotic massage aims primarily to arouse the sexual pleasure and joy through an active touch and a mutual exchange between man and woman. In the Tantra Massage (Ladies), the approach is dedication to herself and the masseuse’s touch in Munich.

Where in the erotic massage the revival of sexual pleasure is in the foreground right from the beginning, the tantric massage invites first to drop, to arrive in oneself and to open oneself out of this passive limbo of sensuality and sexuality. The sexual climax is a possibility, but not a must. So the tantra massage ends up at best, with a deep sense of wholeness, relaxation and arrival.

Erotic massage and side effects

The erotic massage has, say doctors and scientists, especially for men, many side effects. For example, with erythema problems, the erotic massage can be very beneficial. The suffering can be alleviated. But many men have to deal with a special problem. In sex, they come too early to climax. An erotic massage can help just here. After a few appointments, men feel how they manage to hold on better. The time periods are getting longer, the stamina increases. Regardless of the positive side effects, the erotic massage is certainly the most sensual temptation to be able to relax completely from everyday life.

The Temple team from Munich

In the Temple of Touch you can book your personal erotic massage in Munich. Here you will find ads of masseurs who offer their own personal wellness experience in their studio. The temple masseuses


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Erotic massage a nice experience

Enjoying a great erotic massage is something very nice for many of us. It gives us the opportunity to experience something, because it often only works that way. Now not only in Munich, but also in Rosenheim.

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