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Erotic massage in Munich

Erotic massage Here there are very intimate and sensual situations, here an encounter between man and woman takes place in nudity, trust, mutual respect and respect. A touch of eroticism floats in the room and can ever make the air crackle. By candlelight you cost the sight of a female body.

Warm oil wets your skin and the first subtle touches will help you drop. Nothing is more important. Now it’s only about you.

Erotic massage feels the tender touch

The imaginative play of delicate hands on your body triggers the most comfortable waves in you. Close, silky skin, loving touch, sensitive holding and weighing accompany you in a deep security. Pampering for body and soul. Playful fingers, small impudence and surprise moments make you float more and more. You experience a slow enjoyable sliding into an increasingly pleasurable state. A tingling game of excitement and relaxation, which may finally find its climax.

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in Munich in Schwabing, Westend, Am Moosfeld and Obersendling.

Body-to-body massage

This oil massage is massaged with the hands and full body use. Skin on skin, a lot of closeness and intensive touches give you a pleasant feeling, inspire your imagination. An intoxicating experience that can also be incorporated into an erotic or tantric massage. Enjoy every moment with all your senses.


A 4-handed massage, embedded by two women.
Delicate hands everywhere. In places synchronously. More than a double pleasure!

The Duo-Massage we offer as a tantric or erotic experience.

Couples massage

A way for couples, lovers and good friends to share a sensual experience.

You will be massaged by one or two women, or by a woman and a man, in a room or separate rooms. Of course, your individual wishes will be respected.

Erotic massage how long she walks

We offer massages with a duration of 45 to 120 minutes. Please allow sufficient time for a brief conversation, time to track down, showers and dressing and undressing to enjoy your time with us stress-free.

Important: We do not offer sex or oral sex.

Massage in Cities

Erotic massage a nice experience

Enjoying a great erotic massage is something very nice for many of us. It gives us the opportunity to experience something, because it often only works that way. Now not only in Munich, but also in Rosenheim.

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