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Offers with Oil massage


Massage to ecstasy ** make an appointment at least 1 hour before ** Let Joana into a world full of sensual, tease sparkling eroticism and share many loving, feel tender moments. I also put a lot of passion into your massage. Guaranteed, to ecstasy! And if you still do not feel like it, then you are probably gay, ...

Body to Body Massage, Duo-Massagen, Erotic massage, Full Body Massage, Lingam Massage, Tantra Massage.


Let me kidnap you ... from me - Mayana - an attractive erotic, experienced tantra masseuse ... on an island of sensuality, eroticism and fantasy ... and when the covers fall then you feel it very intensively ... tingling on your skin ... through my tender or even ...... hands ... that touch you gently and ...

Body to Body Massage, Erotic massage, Foot erotic, Full Body Massage, Lingam Massage, Prostate Massage, Sensual massage, Tantra Massage.

Offers with Oil massage

An oil massage combines a powerful massage with an incomparable fragrance experience. That’s pampering at all levels. You can relax, enjoy the aroma of the essential oils, forget everything around you and let your mind wander. Consciously experience yourself as a unit. Flowing, long strokes bring the body in line. They give you warmth and contentment. For muscle hardening, emotional imbalance or just for your well-being, the oil massage is wonderful.

Various oil massages

– Abhyanga
– Thai oil massage
– Lomi Lomi Nui
– Swedish massage (Classic massage)

The selection of the always heated oil for the oil massage takes place according to various aspects. Both oils containing herbal extracts and various base oils such as sesame oil or castor oil will be used as appropriate. The oil is massaged deep into the skin and is supposed to have a healing and relaxing effect.

The combination of traditional massage techniques and herbal oils makes oil massages an incomparable experience. The even massaging tense muscles are again buttery soft, in addition, the oil provides the skin with valuable nutrients and makes them supple. In a back massage with oil, the entire back and neck are spoiled. Spine, shoulders and lumbar area are often affected by everyday life and need special attention during an oil massage. But oil massages not only relieve physical discomfort, they also help to release emotional and mental blockages.

“A great experience that was given me there.”

Tristan O.

Very important: In the temple of touch, we offer neither sex nor oral sex.

Massage in Cities

Erotic massage a nice experience

Enjoying a great erotic massage is something very nice for many of us. It gives us the opportunity to experience something, because it often only works that way. Now not only in Munich, but also in Rosenheim.

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