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Tantric and tantric massages in Munich

Tantra massages & Tantric massage

Tantra massages are the art of cultivating sexuality at the highest level in terms of energy work. It builds on sound massage techniques and can be complemented by elements from yoga or bioenergetics.
It serves to bring energies back into the flow and to rebalance body and soul. Make new body experiences and build a new relationship with your body and its inherent sensuality.

A deep, sensual journey to yourself, a unique composition of the masseur’s intuition and the presence of your being. This massage is a thank you and worship ritual for you, with everything that you are and what makes you.

In Tantra, you can literally fully open yourself to the power and divine nature of the woman, to put you in the hands and receive you. The masseuse sees in you the divine and touches your body as a temple of his soul.
She gives her full attention for the duration of the massage. This causes you to let go, into a space beyond a claim to yourself, beyond sexual pressure to perform.
In this atmosphere of unconditional acceptance, you will meet yourself in a pleasurable way and feel yourself intensively through the expectation-free touches. The tenderness you receive brings you into contact with your own tenderness, softness and vulnerability – with the feminine aspect in you that expresses itself in the yearning for the woman. Likewise, as you open yourself to the feminine in you, you will also be able to find your own masculinity and strength.

The Tantra massage is completely unintentional. You have the freedom to come to a climax. However, this is not the goal of the massage. Sensations of pleasure have their place in the Tantra massage, because the sexual energy is the strongest and most original source of vitality and strength.

Once you have absorbed the deep well-being of a Tantra massage with all your senses, you will never forget that feeling again. Life energy flows again, the body is newly sensitized, deeply relaxed and alive. A new feeling and perception of existence comes about.

Feel divine!

Of course you do not need any “tantric knowledge” for this experience.

Tantric massage

A sensually intuitive massage. Very individually designed, with elements and small rituals from the tantric teachings. Let yourself float into a relaxed state and enjoy the gentle touches, the warm healing hands that intuitively know what your body just needs.
Now is time and space for your wishes, needs and longings.
Time of enjoyment, of total abandonment, of passing away. Time to get from being to being.
Feel touch, subtle, playful and breathtaking.

Yoni massage

Yoni comes from Sanskrit and stands for “origin”. It is the term for female genitalia (vagina and uterus). The yoni massage relaxes and connects the woman’s sexual chakra and heart chakra.
A massage from woman to woman.

Since female sexuality often has a slower pace than the male, this massage gives you enough time and space to intensively perceive you and your private parts.
The Tantric inspired Yoni massage is embedded in a mindful full body massage and helps you to get to know your own sexuality more intensively. A deep satisfaction on a physical and emotional level.

Lingam massage

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male genital area. In Tantra, the lingam is considered the sacred part of the male body, which is respectfully revered as the “rod of light,” “jade rod,” or “wand.”
In the lingam massage, the lingam, including the testicles and perineum (dam), is massaged with the sacred point. The sacred point equals the prostate gland, comparable to the female g-spot.

In conjunction with a tantric or tantric massage, the Lingam massage is a sensitive way of stimulating the male intimate area. A lingam massage lets you experience an incomparable intensity of pleasure. You can learn to guide them and receive and enjoy without pressure, but your orgasm is not in the foreground. An interplay of excitement and relaxation.

This massage gives you a deep access to your masculinity and to your own sexuality.


Prostate / anal massage or anal healing massage

The anal massage or the prostate massage, as well as the massage of the entire pelvic floor is the source of deep pleasure and sexual sensations.

Prostate massage begins with the gentle massage on the rosette. With great sensitivity, the entire anal area is slowly massaged. If desired, it goes deeper. The prostate is gently stimulated by the inside and outside of the perineum. For men, the prostate massage is a particularly enjoyable experience.

Men who have such a massage performed regularly alleviate the risk of contracting prostate cancer. For this reason, doctors also recommend that their male patients have their prostate massaged from time to time.

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What is Tantra?

Tantra has its origins, probably in the Upanishads. This source is known as an Indian “Secret Doctrine” that establishes the philosophical and metaphysical parts of the Vedas (Sanskrit meaning “knowledge”). These teachings were written about 600 to 700 years before Christ. The Teachings of the Masters were brought together under one term and summarized in books on the Tantra teachings. In the beginning, it had only dedicated access to the 112 techniques & advice.

Tantra is a way of life and philosophy of life. Through the Sanskrit words “Tanoti (Expand)” and “Trayate (Freeing)” the term Tantra is formed. The teachings of are meant to advance the freedom and expansion of consciousness. That now, the moment in which something happens is here in the center. This very conscious moment of being aware, clear and mindful with all senses. Without evaluating the past and future. The goal is to merge the mind and body into a unity of the relative and the absolute.

The feast of Shiva and Shakti, god and goddess, the male and female principle, consciousness and energy. What we understand today as tantra has only in essence to do with the original Indian philosophy of life. In the last 30 years since Tantra came to Europe and America, a western “Neo” Tantra has emerged. This is a spiritual path of joy and expansion, which i.a. includes physicality, sensuality and sexuality and supports personal development.

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Erotic massage a nice experience

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