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Wellness massage in Munich

Classic massage

Classic massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment. The main benefit of the massage is to preserve or restore the harmony of the organism through the art of touch. The skin is kneaded, rolled and rubbed, muscle tension released, as well as the circulation and metabolism activated. Improving tissue metabolism reduces stress and promotes a sense of physical ease. A classic massage can be performed as a full body massage or partial body massage.

Intuitive massage

Gentle massage techniques allow you to rest, mediate well-being and provide inner balance. This full-body massage is massaged with warm aromatic oils.

The combination of soft touch and the effect of the essential oils increases the individual well-being and has a soothing, stimulating or mood-enhancing effect on body and soul.

Lomi Lomi Nui

Also called temple dance massage, has its origins in Hawaii. “Lomi Lomi” means translate press, caress, knead. The movements are fluid and slightly rocking, with the treatment accompanied by Hawaiian sounds, to which the masseuse moves in the light dance rhythm. It is massaged not only with the hands, but also with the forearms including elbows. A spiritual massage, which was originally part of a multi-day temple ritual and was handed down by shamanic healers. The massage is deeply moving, yet harmonious and intuitive in the interplay of different elements and techniques.
Lomi Lomi is a holistic healing massage that not only leads to an effective deep relaxation, but also means a physical, spiritual and spiritual cleansing.

Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage

She is the queen of massages with rejuvenating and soothing effects. For this purpose, only warm sesame oil is used. The Marma points (special energy points) are stimulated in the massage.

Hot stone massage

A successful combination of full body massage, use and heat and cold stimuli by laying the stones and energy work (chakra / Aurareinigung).

Foot reflexology massage

Foot reflexology is based on the belief that the zones on the soles of the feet correspond to different organs and parts of the body. Reflex refers to the body’s response to a stimulus. By means of special massage technique this property is exploited.
The reflex zones on the foot are specifically massaged, harmonizing corresponding areas of the body.

Head and face massage

On the head and face, so many energy channels (meridians) begin and end that energetic blockages are clearly visible here. With a very gentle muscle release technique on the face as well as on the head and neck, these blockages are solved together with stagnated energy. Since this is a meridian treatment, the entire body is thereby relaxed.

Massage in Cities

Erotic massage a nice experience

Enjoying a great erotic massage is something very nice for many of us. It gives us the opportunity to experience something, because it often only works that way. Now not only in Munich, but also in Rosenheim.

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